ASAPI Comments on Irish Government International Education Policy

The Department of Education and Skills High Level Group on International Education met on 13 November 2016. Rebecca Woolf attended on behalf of ASAPI. Members of the group discussed a number of concerns, specifically visa processing times and lack of accommodation. A new online appointment system for visa processing is expected to go live shortly - there doesn't appear to be a quick fix for accommodation, and it seems unlikely to come from a single source. The members of the group were presented with the draft strategy on International Education 2016-2020 which DES is eager to publish before the end of 2015. ASAPI suggested the highlighted text in this subsection of the strategy for inclusion in the full document which, in its draft form, did not acknowledge the significant role of the study abroad community in Ireland. ASAPI will monitor the continuing development of the strategy and continue to raise awareness of the study abroad sector in Ireland.