Government Policy Update on International Education Sector and Student Immigration System

ASAPI welcomes the acknowledgement and inclusion of the study abroad sector in the most recent Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service policy statement on the international education sector. INIS writes that "Established semester programmes (primarily involving students from US universities attending courses in Irish colleges) will be dealt with outside the ILEP arrangements by the Department of Justice and Equality. The Government recognises the cultural exchange potential of such programmes and the linkages between prestigious universities overseas and Irish colleges with a track record in this field and supports their continued operation." (Page 10-11, note 3) The recognition of study abroad in official government policy is a signficant step forward and ASAPI will continue its dialogue and advocacy for greater understanding of study abroad with INIS and the Department of Education and Skills on a direct basis as well as members of the High Level Group on International Education.

The full text of the policy statement is available here: Policy statement on International Education Final